About Us

Our working space is our shelter!
We feel great here. We think, design, build,  and
exchange ideas.

We love it when we can provide our customers with the best support they could get.

That's why we have the best and most creative people in the industry on hand to design and build exactly the solution you want.

We continue to push the limits of what IT Systems are capable of achieving, in the hope of building a future where we build Networks for People!

Comprehending new technologies and utilizing them in a creative manner is the key for developing innovative applications and effective IT services. 

Each year at Creative People, we invest a significant part of our turnover into R&D and into the development of new, pioneering methodologies and state-of-the-art technological tools. All our choices are supported by a wide range of hardware and by a unique, advanced communication network that help us secure a definite technological lead in our activities. 

Acting proactively is the keyword to our success, commitment is our weapon!

Why we do it this way? That's a bit of Philosophy after work...

We are simply the kind of people waking up in the morning and making our living out of what we love most. We have no heritage, only our minds. We consider ourselves creative, since we spend 70% of our day -each- supporting IT people's needs and still keep smiling. We design, develop, migrate, support, think, exchange ideas, and create. Read our Quality Policy here.

Meet the Team

Petros Antakis
IT Addict
John Hatzopoulos
Telecoms Specialist
George Haralambopoulos
Electronics and Telecoms Specialist
Konstantinos Koptis
IT on the go
Christos Giotis
IT on the go
John Roinos
Applications Development Manager
Meet our Mascot, Jamal!
He died computing, but he loves it!

Wanna help? Be one of us!

Working at Creative People means doing what you love. We hire trailblazers, hackers and pioneers. We want people who can solve challenging problems, make a real impact and build something big.

We don't have rules. We have values!

Focus on Impact!
To have the biggest impact, we need to focus
on solving the most important problems.
It sounds simple, but most companies
do this poorly and waste a lot of time.
We expect everyone at Creative People
to be good at finding the
biggest problems to work on.
Move Fast!
We have a saying: Move fast and break things.
The idea is that if you never break anything,
you're probably not moving fast enough.
At Creative People, we are less afraid
of making mistakes than we are of
losing opportunities.
Be Bold!
We have another saying: The riskiest thing
is to take no risks.
In a world that is changing so quickly,
you're guaranteed to fail if you don't
take any risks.
We encourage making bold decisions,
even if that means being wrong
some of the time.
Be Open!
We believe that a more open world
is a better world.
The same goes for our company.
Informed people make better decisions
and have a greater impact,
which is why we work hard to make sure
everyone at Creative People has access
to as much information about
the company as possible.
Come On Board!
Be one of us
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Think and create is our motto. Hard work is the way to do it!