VOIP Hosting

There is no bulky hardware to install or maintain...
Only telephones and a single router!

While you can’t change the clock, you can prioritize projects and delegate tasks to free up a little extra time for business-critical projects. Many organizations would rather dedicate precious IT resources to strategic initiatives rather than maintaining their PBX business phone system. Upfront capital investments may be expensive and managing the equipment, upgrades, maintenance and administrative tasks can be tedious and time consuming for IT staff.  Why not have your PBX hosted in the cloud instead?

Creative People delivers a complete hosted PBX service and experience that not only frees up your resources, but your office space as well. There is no bulky hardware to install or maintain – only telephones and a single router. You get modern phones with powerful PBX features and an easy-to-use browser-based web portal that lets you quickly manage your phone system and perform most administrative tasks. You always get the latest and greatest features and functionality since we upgrade the system in the cloud without you needing to make another hardware investment. Since your hosted PBX system is managed by us on redundant servers and a secure data connection, you can sleep well, knowing the phone service is reliable and will be there when you need it. 

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