Critiboard is a social media platform which enables its users (subjects) to rate various objects. By registering in the platform, users gain the attribute of a subject, which means that they can rate an object, but they also become subject to other users’ rating.

A social media rating objects

An object can be created in 3 different ways

  1. by registration, all subjects have the capacity of an object
  2. objects are created by Critiboard
  3. objects are created by the users.

The platform aims to become a universal rating platform for everything and anyone. Rating is only made through a selection of +/- button which appears next to every object’s icon. A user may opt not to rate an object and may change his selection at any time.

Inherent in the platform is an algorithm which delivers a two-digit number which appears next to each object’s icon. The two-digit number is from 1 to 99. This grade is called “critiscore”. The critiscore changes according to the total votes of all other users to the object. Not all votes are of equal weight. The vote of each user weights according to this user’s own critiscore.

Votes do not have to be justified by comments but may be so.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop a universal rating system driven by ordinary people’s opinion.

Our key principles

  • Not all votes are of equal weight; A voter’s influence depends on his own influence on others;
  • You can only rate if you accept the fact that you also subject to rating;
  • There is no way to manipulate the platform or buy your way into a higher score;

Critiboard is

  • 100% funded by own funds and the help of Theodoros Skouzos.
  • our first trial with big data, human behavior analysis, opinion measuring and polling.
  • a .Net web application hosted on Microsoft Azure and is currently in the process of external fund raising to continue further.