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We are simply the kind of people waking up in the morning and making our living out of what we love most, Information and Technology (IT). We have no heritage, only our minds.
We consider ourselves creative, since we spend 70% of our day supporting IT people's needs and still keep smiling. We design, develop, migrate, support, think, exchange ideas, and create. Learn More

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Customised Software and Hardware Solutions, Research and Integration.

IT Services Perfection is in our nature.

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Creative People sponsors CREATIVITY and YOUNG PEOPLE with dreams!

Creative People, is a strong believer of people, of any sector, committed to their dreams, therefore sponsors cooperation and ideas of youngsters, giving their best!

Eva Atmatzidou
Modern fingerstyle acoustic guitarist & composer
Hobo-illusionerZ is a dancing team of young people!
Parkour, Acrobatics and Rythmics are their tools to spread smiling around Greece.
They are young and they are Creative!
Thiella FC is a soccer club based in Rafina Athens
With no actual funding their Academies managed
to make out pretty good players and excellent people
Parents preparing children for the Real World!
The 1st International Documentary Festival in Ierapetra, Crete, Greece