R&D areas

Creative People participates in European funded Research Projects covering the areas of security, transportation and border management, critical infrastructure protection, etc.

Each year at Creative People, we invest almost 50% of our time in R&D and developing new, pioneering methodologies and state-of-the-art technological tools. Our solutions participate in EU funded calls for proposals, either directly as partner of consortiums either as subcontractors of other partners. Our solutions are supported by a wide range of hardware and by a unique combination of robust and high availability infrastructures driven by our B2B experience.


Xenios Project

XENIOS project aims at developing services for the short, medium and long-term forecast of extreme natural events and natural disasters, in areas of particular tourist and cultural interest, which are also vulnerable to natural hazards. This way, it contributes to more effective management of these risks.
In addition, the project aspires to enhance safety and improve the tourism product at these sites, through a mobile app which will offer visitors prompt and reliable information.
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ACRITAS is a fully modular solution combining the advantages of mobility (C&C Centre, Mini- UAVs), transportability for rapid deployment in areas of interest as well as advanced data fusion and command and control applications.

Solution validation was done in two trials (sea and land borders) with the active participation of end users.
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Critiboard is our first trial with big data, human behavior analysis, opinion measuring and polling. We launched a social media with a testbed of 250 users back in 2016 getting opinions on various subjects.
Critiboard is our first trial with big data, human behavior analysis, opinion measuring and polling. We launched a social media with a testbed of 250 users back in 2016 getting opinions on various subjects.
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The need to cope with multiple internal and external insurgencies – from Afghanistan to Nigeria, from China to Columbia, from India to the Philippines – creates a need for practical, if unconventional approaches. There were none can go, a UAV can.

R&D EU Funded Frameworks