Who are we?

We are simply the kind of people waking up in the morning and making what we love most, Information and Technology (IT).

We have no heritage, only our minds.

We consider ourselves creative, since we spend 70% of our day supporting IT people’s needs and still keep smiling. We design, develop, migrate, support, think, exchange ideas, and create.

Our Services

In Creative People, we build networks for people, while ensuring networks meets customers’ business objectives and latest security standards.
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Creative People aims to improve business by delivering effective solutions based on innovative technologies and professional designs. We use our R&D experience to design and implement complex Information and Technology Solutions.
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Creative People participates in R&D consortiums working mainly on security and society. We have a long experience in EU and NATO funded projects where we bring the robustness and high availability of commercial systems on the emerging system architectures produced by Research Academic organizations.
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Our long IT, Development and R&D background along with our continuous knowledge updating schema gives us the ability to consult upon IT Strategy, Quality Assurance Systems, Data Protection and GDPR, IT related legal issues and Forensics.
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Why Choose us?

  • GDPR

    We won’t say we are GDPR Compliant, as we strongly believe there is no compliance with GDPR.

    We take it seriously though!
    You can read our Privacy Policy here.

  • Personal Contact

    We are not anonymous; our customers know us by our first name and in person!

  • Administration Manuals

    Detailed IT infrastructure Administration manuals provided to all our customers authorized staff.

  • Confidentiality

    We never refer to our customers list.

  • Service Journal

    Reports & IT service logs provided monthly to customers.

    All our service logs are audited by experienced personnel so as to minimize human mistakes.

  • Highly Trained Personnel

    Creative People’s personnel experience and obsession to be up to date on their field is the key to our success.

  • Quick Response Time

    Average ticket response time in less than 20’.

  • Fast Resolution Time

    Average ticket resolution time in 40’.

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Our Blog

We love sharing our everyday IT experiences.