Chrysostomos Psaroudakis

IT Director - Quality Assurance Manager

We were about to write something bad here, but he would notice it, so we're not writing anything. He is the captain of our ship.

Petros Antakis

Head of RnD

There’s nothing he doesn't have in his bag. With his long IT experience and deep knowledge, nothing is impossible unless he says so.

John Roinos

Software Development Manager

He is the Master Chef, Head of Software Development, and we are proud he shares his unique creative mind with us.

Konstantinos Koptis

IT Support Supervisor

He is the Ethan Hunt of the Creative People Mission Impossible team. Handsome, young, hard-working and an evolving IT Support talent.

Apostolis Drakakis

IT Support Engineer

He used to be a medic but he quit to be an IT pro; that's how much he loves what he does, and we love him because he is our own M. Freeman.

Petros Tomelis


Our Peter, the younger, calm as a developer, skilful as Nikos Galis:)

Evangelia Karolidou

Customer Care

Head of the Customer Care department and a literature scholar. Translates our "machine language" to human readable format.

Jamal, our Mascot

Underworld It Manager

Meet our mascot, Jamal! He died computing, but he loves it and still does it in the afterlife!